Dental Claims

ADF Law is a company which provides access to specialist legal advice on dental negligence matters.

The team at ADF Law are skilled in dealing with a wide range of dental negligence matters and are proficient in the claims process. We work closely with a panel of dental practitioners and specialist barristers who provide expert opinion on all dental negligence matters to ensure that both the clinical and legal aspects of your claim are assessed and we can establish whether you have a dental negligence claim.

We operate on a no win no fee basis and pride ourselves on our high standard of legal service and commitment to clients, combining our extensive legal experience with expert opinion to see your case through from inception to a successful settlement. We aim to secure maximum compensation as well as the cost of any restorative treatment that you may have to undergo as a result of the negligent dental treatment, guiding you through the claims process and giving you peace of mind.

Contact us for free legal advice or complete our online claim enquiry form and we will carry out a free legal consultation and discuss your dental negligence claim.

Our team is on hand to help and advise, so if you are unsure of what steps to take next with your dental negligence claim, contact us for professional advice and peace of mind.

Your Dental Negligence Claim

If you have concerns regarding your dental treatment, or feel that the dentist that administered your treatment did not properly advise you of the risks of the procedure and alternative treatment available to you, or that the appropriate aftercare was not delivered and this led to the onset of problems, contact us to discuss the matter and establish whether you have a valid negligence claim and are entitled to compensation.

Our specialist team gives you peace of mind

The team at ADF Law have the expertise to deal with a wide range of dento-legal matters, from negligence during routine dental treatments to more complex dental procedures, relating to: Tooth Loss, Tooth Decay, Gum Disease, Root Canal Treatment, Crown & Bridges, Dental Implantology.

The team at ADF Law work closely with a panel of qualified dental practitioners who provide expert evidence and opinion on a range of dental practices and procedure. The specialist nature of our team means that we are fully equipped to deal with the complexities and technical aspects of a range of dental matters and can ensure that both the legal and clinical aspects of your claim are fully investigated.

From the moment you contact us we will take the time to listen to you, and take care to communicate with you using non-technical language. We will work with the utmost professionalism, efficiency and confidentiality to support you in your claim. We have chosen to make our mission that of providing the highest quality access to justice for the dental patient, and we are committed to do everything we can to ensure that you are satisfied with the service we provide.

Why choose ADF Law?

  • Personal Injury Specialists
  • No-Win-No-Fee
  • No cost to you if you lose the case