Dental Negligence

ADF Law specialise in dental negligence and have a very high success rate in dental negligence cases.

There have been a rising number of clinical negligence claims being brought by patients who have suffered from dental malpractice, this is partly with the increase in cosmetic dentistry, but also where patients have suffered negligence during routine dental procedures.

Duty of Care

Clinical practitioners, including dentists, have a duty of care towards their patients and a responsibility to administer proper dental treatment. If a dental practitioner has failed in this duty of care, and a patient suffers in any way as a result, then there may be a valid dental negligence claim.

ADF Law deal with a variety of dental negligence matters where dental practitioners have failed to meet their duty of care through carelessness, incompetence or neglect. We can establish whether you have a potential dental negligence claim and determine whether the treatment administered by your dental practitioner was in line with the professional standards set by the General Dental Council.

There are many risks involved in dental procedures, as with all clinical practices, and while most dental practitioners adequately advise patients of the risks entailed and carry out dental procedures correctly with the informed consent of the patient and deliver the appropriate aftercare, there are still cases of dental malpractice where patients suffer personal injury as a result of this negligence.

The injuries may be physical or psychological in nature; patients may suffer tooth loss, nerve damage, severe pain, infection and problems with wound healing following surgery. The psychological effects of dental negligence can also be particularly traumatic when we consider the cosmetic motivation for some dental treatment, and as a result the confidence and self esteem of many patients is affected.

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